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Grow Louder Becca Joyce
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Becca Joyce is a Christian Conservative Ordained Licensed Minister with Open Ministry who is actively involved as a leader with American Front Line Citizens Cops. She has utilized her skills, knowledge and has been a featured speaker at state wide events targeted to create awareness.


She has worked as a regional field organizer for a US Senate campaign and coordinated state wide volunteers and is versed as a campaign strategist. Becca is a mother of a handicapped child and knows what it means to have to fight the system and stand up against Doctors and systems imposing unconstitutional authority over our rights. She is versed in how to build factual reports and documentation to create changes in protocols and processes.


In her personal pursuit for freedom she assisted in a Lawsuit waged in 2020 it was called "THE LAWSUIT THAT TAKES ON LOCKDOWNS" to help others who are struggling to stand up for theirs. This lawsuit was waged to fight against the lockdowns on churches. She knows what it means to fight against all odds and win. 

 "They cannot stop what is coming, they can only hope to contain this!"

OUR rights don't end
where your fear begins!

Our Mission is to educate as many people as possible about their rights. To enable all of you to utilize these documents to protect yourself and your loved ones. There are many things we are currently working on including training videos, podcasts to answer your questions and public appearances.  


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Grow Louder Becca Joyce

The Amazing Doc Greene Radio Show

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Grow Louder Becca Joyce


Doc is a registered outreach instructor for the Custom Electronics Design Installation Association known as CEDIA. Doc has a bachelor’s degree in ministry and when he is not calibrating TVs he and his band go to nursing homes and entertain the folks as Blues Other Brothers. Doc has had a long interest in politics and its effect on the American family. Though he was a registered Republican for many years and was often the only representative to state conventions from his precinct, he is now a Tea Party supporter, True the Vote volunteer, and recently nominated by his Texas Nationalist Movement group for outreach director.


Becca Joyce is a Christian Conservative Ordained Licensed Minister that has previously been featured on The Amazing Doc Greene Show covering topics that include human trafficking and how to determine if your child was apart of a organized trafficking operation. 

She has also been utilized through other channels to successfully help recover missing people. She is noted for her proven unique ability to receive and interpret prophetic dreams and visions. Due to her history of working in politics and advocating for others she offers a in-depth understanding of the psychological strategies that the media, politicians and Hollywood uses to manipulate the public. 

We will cover topics on what you can do to protect your constitutional rights! Tune in so that you can learn what you can do to help yourself and loved ones protect themselves from the over reach of government and institutions. 

Becca Joyce PSA Coming Soon ...

Frank Parent Speech

1. If the Masks work, why 6 ft. apart?

2. If 6 ft. apart works, why the masks?

3. If they both work, why the lockdown?

4. If all 3 works, why the rushed vaccine?

5. If the vaccine works, why the no liability Clause?

6. If more people die from the vaccine than the virus, why use the vaccine?

7. If we took 2 vaccines to keep people safe, why are we now super spreaders?

8. Why do the vaccinated have to wear a mask again?

9. If fully vaccinated people can still transmit COVID, why give them a vaccine passport?

10. If this is an experimental vaccine why the mandate?

11. If participation in an experiment voids your life insurance, why mandate it?

12. If participation in an experiment voids health insurance, why mandate it?

13. If the constitution is the supreme law, why are mandates and rules being created that are not legal?

14. If illegal executive orders are being used, mandates, rules, etc. why is this being allowed?

15. If the government is breaking the constitution and committing treason, why are they still holding their seats?

16. If the schools are not following the constitution, how can we trust the schools to teach our children?

17. If the schools are just following orders from the health department, why are they complicit with this treasonous act?

18. If the schools don’t know this do, they lack critical thinking skills? And if so, why are they teaching our children?

19. If the schools are teaching our children about the cold war, why do they not see that this is a modern-day version of a communist takeover?

20. If people in the medical field swear an oath to harm no one why are they complicit?

21. If the constitution states that it is against our civil rights to be discriminated against, why is there discrimination?

22. If science teachers know how bacteria grows and fungus, why are they not warning against wearing masks?

It is clear to me that the politicians, scientists, health and medical professionals, schooling systems, law systems, legal systems, employers are all guilty of complicity and in violation of the Nuremberg code! The Nuremberg Code was created specifically for these types of situations. Do you know what happened to those people who were complicit? The people who were “JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS” they were tried and put to death for crimes against humanity!

So, before you consider bullying a parent to mask their child or to get a vaccine, I suggest you have a long hard look at yourself and ask yourself if you want to be in violation of the constitution and the Nuremberg Code.

One way or another Sir Ma'am you will be held accountable for the lives you are harming for your lack of spine and moral compass and your complicit behavior and complete disregard of the constitution. You are the same type of people that we used to lock up in mental institutions until the Democratic party needed more votes.

What makes this clown show really crazy is that you believe that you have the right to impose this on us and you don't. I have a few books for you to read because clearly you haven't read these. You read books, right? I have the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, the Nuremberg Code and the Bible. What would you think if we just started locking all of you up because of your parthenogenetic mental illness? You have become a hazard to society!



Be sure to have these things with you.

1. The Constitution

2. The Bill of Rights

3. The Declaration of Independence

4. The Federalist Papers

5. The Nuremberg Code

6. The Bible

Vaccine and mask mandates are grossly overlooking the abuse of our constitutional rights as American citizens!

Today more and more reports are pouring in about the toxic side effects of the vaccines. The moral and ethics are being called into question about the Chinese coronavirus. England calls for a complete cessation of using covid vaccines on humans, that's according to the UK-based evidence-based Medicine consultancy Group which submitted its findings to Britain's Department of Health. They are claiming there is a quote "more than enough evidence to declare the covid-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans," doctors say after examining official public health records. They looked at many reported side effects from the vaccine including bleeding and clotting unexpected immune system reactions, unusual pain reactions, neurological responses, loss of sight, hearing, speech, or smell, or adverse reactions affecting pregnancy including miscarriage and stillborn births.


Researchers explained that the chemicals in the vaccine are toxic to humans and call for an immediate halt to the vaccination program to conduct a full investigation into these harmful effects. According to the Veirs website, a US Government site that tracks adverse reactions to vaccines, nearly 6,000 people have died as a result of taking this vaccine. Some 20,000 more have been hospitalized, nearly two thousand others have come down with Bell's Palsy paralysis of the facial muscles. Forty-four thousand people have checked themselves into urgent care , not to mention the 5900 life-threatening reactions people have had directly from receiving the vaccine. This includes 2,200 people who suffered heart attacks as a result of getting the injection and this is all government data recorder Bears. More than 650 women have suffered miscarriages as a result of the vaccine. Some of 4,500 people are now disabled and some permanently. These numbers are greater than all the other side effects of all the other vaccines in the entire world combined. This is not normal but then again this isn't a normal vaccine! It's experimental. In Israel, the government mandated that young people get vaccinated to attend in-person exams at school only to see a massive spike in cases of severe heart inflammation known as myocarditis reported cases of the potentially fatal heart condition were 25 times higher than normal. With the authorities in Germany stepping up and announcing young people should avoid the vaccine because it's just too dangerous. If the rates in Israel are any indicator we can expect over 150,000 Young Americans to come down with similar symptoms.


The CDC says it's investigating after the link between the vaccine and heart inflammation appears much worse than previously thought. In fact, the agency is holding an emergency meeting to discuss this very issue because this is clearly an experimental drug. It's now being administered without proper testing or safety protocols, something that's never been done before any other disease and we're witnessing the consequences of that first-hand. Why do we need an experimental mandatory vaccine for a disease by the way which you have a 99.99 7% chance of surviving? Only time will tell the long-term consequences of rushing this vaccine to market although for some it's already too late.

Adults have failed children by enforcing unnecessary,

harmful Covid-19 restrictions on them.

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul,” Nelson Mandela famously said, “than how it treats its children.” By that standard, our society now has the soul of an abusive parent. The pandemic has turned American adults, or at least the ones who make the rules, into selfish neurotics who have been punishing innocent children for over a year—and still can’t restrain themselves.

When the pandemic began, the lack of knowledge about Covid-19 justified this behavior. That excuse has vanished. It became clear long ago that the virus is less dangerous to children than the flu, and that keeping schools open poses minimal risk of spreading infections. Yet despite this evidence—and despite the widespread availability of vaccines to teachers and other adults—many schools have yet to reopen full-time, and others are still making students as miserable as possible.

Schools have canceled many sports and other extracurricular activities, isolated students in Plexiglas cells, and forced them to wear masks in classrooms and on playgrounds. Social distancing and masks hinder learning while harming children emotionally, socially, and physically, all for no purpose other than providing false comfort to adults who ought to know better.

The rationale for forcing anyone to wear a mask is questionable, as my colleague Connor Harris has meticulously demonstrated. Wearing masks might provide some protection for some high-risk adults in crowded indoor settings, but the evidence is mixed, and masks can be not just uncomfortable but harmful. Some adults may judge the trade-offs worthwhile for themselves, but for children, it’s all pain and no gain.

The mask mandates are especially cruel to young children. Adults are supposed to ease their fears, to reassure them that monsters aren’t hiding under the bed. Instead, we’re frightening them into believing they’re being stalked by invisible menaces lurking in the air. A year of mask-wearing will scar some of them psychologically—and maybe physically, too, according to a team of Italian professors of plastic surgery, who warn that the prolonged pressure from the elastic straps could leave young children with permanently protruding ears. By hiding teachers’ lips and muffling their speech, mask-wearing makes it harder for young children to develop linguistic skills and prevents children with hearing impairments from lip reading. Unable to rely on facial cues, teachers and students of all ages are more likely to misinterpret one another, a particularly acute problem for children on the autism spectrum. How are children supposed to develop social skills when they can’t see one another’s faces, sit together, or play together?

Researchers from the University of Witten/Herdecke in Germany have cataloged other problems. They established an online registry for parents to report on the side effects of mask-wearing. Among the nearly 18,000 parents who chose to respond (not a random sample, obviously), more than half reported that the masks were giving their children headaches and making it difficult for them to concentrate. More than one-third cited other side effects: increased reluctance to go to school, unhappiness, malaise, impaired learning, drowsiness, and fatigue. After considering those reports as well as testimony from other researchers, a court in Weimar, Germany, recently ruled in favor of a parent arguing that her children’s basic rights were being violated by the mandates for masks and social distancing at her children’s two schools. The court ordered the schools to end the mandates, declaring that they damaged the “mental, physical and spiritual well-being” of students while failing to offer “any discernible benefit for the children themselves or for third parties.”

Masks can be breeding grounds for infections from bacteria, mold, and fungi, which is why the Centers for Disease Control recommends that a cloth mask should be washed with soap and water “whenever it gets dirty or at least daily.” The CDC also advises washing your hands any time you take off the mask and then washing your hands again after you put it back on. Pretending that children (or adults, for that matter) are dutifully taking all these precautions is absurd. Since UNICEF and WHO issued that guidance in August, the evidence emerging from schools shows that masks and most other restrictions are unnecessary for children of any age. Swedish economists at the universities of Stockholm and Uppsala conducted the most rigorous and comprehensive study. During last spring’s outbreak, Sweden in effect undertook a nationwide controlled experiment by switching its senior high schools to online instruction while keeping younger students in classrooms with few Covid restrictions. Class sizes for the younger students were not reduced, and students who had been in contact with an infected person were allowed to stay in school (instead of being quarantined at home, as the CDC in the United States recommends). Neither teachers nor students were encouraged to wear masks—in fact, health authorities discouraged the wearing of masks, and few Swedes of any age wore them last year.



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