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Anyone who believes that a President or anyone in a sitting office has the right and ability to impose a medical treatment on healthy individuals is not only morally bankrupt but is also Constitutionally illiterate!



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Grow Louder is an organization of American citizens that want to protect and uphold their constitutional rights. We are here to band together as one voice to send a strong message to those overreaching in power. The message is, "we will not allow them to strip our constitutional rights away." We are here to support you in your efforts in whatever way we can. Training videos are coming so that people like you can begin to create your chapters in your areas. When we attend meetings in person, all of these legal documents are shared regardless of your ability to pay, as we are supported solely by the founders and donations received. 

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  • What is a Vaccine Exemption Form?

    There are several reasons why you might not be able to be vaccinated. If your employer requires that you be vaccinated, you may qualify for an exemption. Use this form to indicate to your employer that you are unable to be vaccinated and require an exemption. It may be in your best interest to have this document notarized.

  • Why would I use a Vaccine Exemption Form?

    If your employer requires vaccinations, you may need to provide formal documentation when you have a medical, religious or other personal reason why you are unable to comply. With a Vaccine Exemption Form, employees can submit a formal statement for employers to keep on file. This document can be submitted voluntarily by employees or distributed by an employer as part of a Vaccination Policy rollout or during the onboarding process.

  • Should I get my Vaccine Exemption Form notarized?

    Having your form notarized may be required by your employer. Even if it isn't required, having your statement notarized can help it feel more official.

  • What is a medical or religious exemption?

    A medical or religious exemption will allow an individual to decide against getting a vaccine, even if a health-related guideline would have otherwise mandated that the individual be vaccinated. Medical exemptions are usually granted to those who have an underlying health condition, such as a weakened immune system or autoimmune condition, or those who may experience a severe allergic reaction to a vaccine. A religious exemption may be granted to those who do not want to get vaccinated because of opposing religious beliefs.

  • How can employers accommodate those with a medical or religious exemption?

    Accommodating those with a medical or religious exemption can come in many forms. It really depends on the individual’s specific circumstances. To determine an appropriate accommodation, the employee, employer, and any other involved party (e.g. religious leader or healthcare provider) will have to initiate the interactive process, whereby all parties discuss the extent to which accommodation is needed. Accommodations can range anywhere from adjusting an employee’s schedule to allowing the employee to work from home.

  • Can employers deny a request for vaccine exemption?

    An employer can deny a request for vaccine exemption if it would bring about “undue hardship.” This can broadly be defined as significant difficulty or cost, or accommodation that requires the business to fundamentally alter how the business operates. If you need to deny an exemption request, it is important to talk to a lawyer who can help you navigate any potential issues that may arise as a result.

Prevention - Medication - INDEPTH Covid Treatment Protocol

Please download the FREE Pdfs. to have on hand incase you or a loved one become sick. You can use these protocols if you choose to and you can inform your doctor that this is the protocol you want followed. Remember they work for YOU. Remember you can fire them!

It is crucial that we act as our own advocate and do not be afraid to piss someone off to get what you need taken care of! Understand that each of you come from a bloodline of warriors. You can handle this, you will handle this and despite how it looks at times you can be just like David and Goliath! 

I'm telling you with all that I am I believe in your ability to beat this corrupt system!


Our ability to help others is made possible by people like you who are willing to donate and support the cause!

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Castor OIL!!!

Castor Oil has many health benefits and it used to be used on a daily basis in the old days! It is also proven that castor oil increases the count of T-11 cells (a type of white blood cells) and the production of lymphocytes in the blood within hours of application. This initiates the body to produce more antibodies as well as to kill viruses, fungi, bacteria and cancer cells.



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