This document is 20 pages long and is for parents who wish to protect their children against adbuctation of the parental rights. This document is for protecting the child against learning institutions and health care proffesionals as well as places of employment where your child may work. You can observe several of the 20 pages in the images. 


This document includes 9 pages of side effects from the COVID vaccine. It protects your child against being vaccinated against your will, Masked against your will and COVID testing against your will. This serves them with a document that is a notice of liability. 


This Packet also includes 1 Children's Mask Exemption Card and 1 Childrens Vaccine Exemption Card for them to carry on them when you are not there to protect them. 


This document can be used in court as evidence should your rights be violated. 

Please always sign in blue ink with a notary, make copies and send it in a way that can be proven.

Be sure to follow up with them in formal writing if they do not return the document signed. 

Always follow up with an email. 


This document is designed to assist you in protecting your rights. However, we cannot guarentee your personal results. We do not edit these documents for you. This is shipped to you FREE of charge standard USPS. 



20 Pg. Declaration of Parental Authority & Notice of Liability